Joint-Webinar SwissBanking Academy & Swiss FS-CSC with Marco Brenner, IBM on Quantum computers

Quantum computers, a rapidly maturing emerging technology, pose a future risk to cryptography we use today to secure our data. In a webinar jointly organized by Swiss Banking – Schweizerische Bankiervereinigung and our association, Marco Brenner , Quantum Safe Program Executive at IBM, provided an overview of quantum computing, its risks when it comes to the currently used asymmetric cryptography and possible solutions.

After a welcome by our executive officer Alexandra Arni and an introduction by Alain Beuchat, CISO at Lombard Odier Group and President of the Expert Group Information Security and Cyber Defence of Swiss Banking and Co-Leader of our Expert Group, Marco Brenner presented the latest developments in the field of quantum computing as well as outlining the new quantum-safe algorithms that will soon be standardized by the US National Institute for Standards and Technology. He included a broad array of information on the potential impact of quantum computing on the security of today’s digital communications, as well as mitigations recommended by standardization bodies and government institutions.

The webinar was moderated by Silvan Schellenberg, CISO at UBS. For the 135 participants, it was an extremely valuable exchange, making clear again how essential a state-of-the-art cyber security is, and always will be.