First operational cyber exercise in the Swiss financial center

The first operational cyber exercise in the Swiss financial center was a complete success! Around 100 cyber security specialists from banks and insurance companies as well as our affiliates took part in the exercise, which was held as part of our association’s public-private partnership.

Under the guidance of FS-ISAC, the participants discussed the operational aspects of responding to a potential cyber crisis. The exercise scenario, which was designed by our chapter «exercises & training» under the direction of Nemanja Mitic, involved a major outage of a third-party provider that would affect numerous financial companies in Switzerland.

Another part of the exercise revolved around the operational role of the Swiss FS-CSC – including how information is collected, analyzed and disseminated to members.

We would like to thank all participants for their commitment and are convinced that the cyber resilience of the Swiss financial center has been further strengthened thanks to the operational cyber exercise.